We aimed to try to work towards ‘Green Town’ status for Tramore and to further this we embarked on a European Union alternative energy project via the Reasure project. This involved the setting up of a local Design and Support Unit [DASU] that provided advice and information to architects and engineers on how to optimise energy efficiency when designing new buildings

Green Tramore

The scheme involved Community groups and Technical Partners from different EU countries combining their research and knowledge to produce a scoring system for energy efficient buildings
Our Technical Partner was University College, Dublin [UCD]

During the Reasure project, we discovered that Local Authorities can benefit from having an Energy Office to provide help and assistance to those who wished to reduce their energy consumption




Energy Committee

We put together a plan to have the Energy Office for both the County and City of Waterford based in Tramore. By using the EU Interreg programme and involving Carmarthenshire County Council in South Wales we were able to secure EU funding for the project.
It is now up and running and is based within Waterford CCC. – pictured members of Energy Team at Energy Conference hosted by TDT in Tramore.




Street Scapes TramoreWe initiated a Streetscape project which “grew” from strength to strength. Beginning with 30 window boxes in our first year it had grown to 165 window boxes and hanging baskets in the streets. It became too big for TDT, so it is now run expertly by a separate group that do Trojan work for the town.