Older Persons


housing for elderly in tramore

Research into the needs of the Older Person in Tramore was originally carried out.  A professional Statistician, Cormac Forkan was employed to prepare a questionnaire which was circulated to the older population in Tramore. The results were interpreted and published in a report entitled “Understanding the Needs of our Elderly”.

This report showed conclusively the great need for a sheltered housing project in Tramore. TDT adopted it and set about supporting a sub group to deliver on this project.

A separate sub-group was formed in 2005, called Tramore Voluntary Housing Association (TVHA).

TVHA is now a limited Company with Charitable Status. It is a Member of Irish Council for Social Housing and became an Approved Housing Body (AHB) in 2005. It is also signed up to the Voluntary Code of Conduct.

A suitable site was identified in Ballycarnane in Tramore. A sheltered housing project was designed that took account of all of the research findings. Full planning permission was granted for 18 houses, including 1 Caretaker Unit and a Community Centre. TVHA hope that construction of the project will begin in 2017.