Community Plan


Our Community Plan was prepared in consultation with the people of Tramore community through community workshops. The Plan set out a framework that provided a focus for the future development of the town. As Tramore was recognised as the fastest growing town in the country, the Plan was designed to help kick-start the work of building and promoting a sustainable, vibrant and enterprising town. It aims to encourage local community action and help to influence state agencies, community groups, businesses and individuals to engage in the future growth of the town.


  • Be a place where progress is encouraged, that protects the environment and builds on the strengths of the community
  • Have a creative, enterprising and prosperous community that fosters development and innovation within ‘green’ parameters
  • Have an energetic town centre serving all the community and visitors alike
  • Create opportunities and facilities for everyone to develop socially, culturally and educationally to their full potential
  • Be a safe place where local people are actively involved in making things happen for themselves
  • Have a community spirit, taking pride in own place, acknowledging the past while creating an exciting future

8 Strategic Themes were identified:

  • Community Facilities
  • Youth & Children
  • Building an enterprising community.
  • Arts & Culture.
  • Older Persons
  • Participation / Social Inclusion.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation.