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Tramore Development Trust – Mission Statement

“ To foster a vibrant heart within Tramore by encouraging social integration and by harnessing
our resources, our people and our unique natural environment”


Tramore Development Trust is a community led voluntary organisation that was formed in 2000. It is a company limited by guarantee and has charitable status. The role of the TDT is to act as a catalyst for change and to work with stakeholders in Tramore to utilise their assets for the benefit of our community and it’s visitors.

Our objectives are to create an enterprising and prosperous town in Tramore that protects the environment and builds on the strengths of our community.

Our aim is to strive towards an energetic town centre that acknowledges the past of Tramore, while creating an exciting future.

The projects that were undertaken by the TDT are:

  • The preparation of the Tramore Community Plan to set out a framework that provides a template and a focus for the future development of Tramore.
  • The conversion of the Coastguard Station into a Community Cultural Arts Centre and the management and operating of a vibrant community café.
  • The creation, management and operating of a Japanese garden, in memory of Lafcadio Hearn, in the former Tramore House gardens, in cooperation with Waterford City Council.
  • The conversion and refurbishment of the former Friends Meeting House, originally for use as an After School Childcare Centre, and afterwards as a centre for adults with special needs, currently run by the Brothers of Charity.